by Aire Redtree

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    WHY? is an acronym for World Hunger Year, a charity organization dedicated to helping curb World Hunger, www.worldhungeryear.org. Aire Redtree's debut release WHY? is a benefit for World Hunger Year. Aire Redtree is donating 10% of the net profits to World Hunger Year. This album is the first in a series of benefit albums to be released on HER Music, www.hermusic.org, under the "Beats for Peace Project", and is in association with World Hunger Year's "Artist Against Hunger and Poverty" project. When you download the entire album you can view the video presentation about Beats for Peace. Thank you kindly for your support!!!

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released April 15, 2010



all rights reserved


Aire Redtree Oakland, California

Aire Redtree is a DJ, composer, and lyricist that has been developing her own unique style of electronica She has been performing locally and internationally, and has played hundreds of shows throughout California and beyond. She's been performing in clubs, underground venues, and festivals since 2000 and is also known as a activist and a party promoter, visit www.hermusic.org to learn more. ... more

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Track Name: Angel
a quiet dream
a light seen
a present being
and i'm floating
heaven's song
she sang along
as i began to sing
a rustling in my hair
she was there
my angel messenger
from the other side
came to take me
for a ride
but frightened was i
i chose to hide
and opened my eyes
awoke from my dream
yet again a light seen
she remained hovering
then wished away
another dream
another day
Track Name: What More Can We Do?
What more can we do?
Try not to be blue
Keep our heads up high

Pray for something new
What else can we do?
Graciously await for better days

Pray for spirit's presence
In everything that they send
In hopes that they will help mend
All that has broken

This is just a test
That will soon come to rest
And all that is present
Will benefit

For God is watching us
He would not turn away
And we all must believe
In something

Pray my people stay
Do not turn away
There is hope I know
For better days

Do not wait
One more day
Become who you are
Find your purpose

Stand behind your truth
You know what to do
God is watching you
You're an angel

I believe in you
And all that you do
This is all a part of the earth's myth

Once there was a dream
And it is still standing
And you must believe in something

You will find
There is light
You will see
There'll be be peace

Pray my people stay
Do not turn away
There is hope I know
for better days

What more can we do?
Try not to be blue
There is hope I know for better days
Track Name: Ocean
The sun's ray's spead
Out over the mountain
And time melts deep
Into the ocean

I'm at the beach
Didn't come to preach
Just came to play
The day away
At the ocean

I'm gonna stay all day
And throw my cares away
At the ocean

She will cleanse me
She will wash my blues away

I'm gonna stay all day
And throw my cares to the ocean

Walking in the sand
The feelings grand
To feel the earth
Beneath my feet
Is oh so sweet

I'm gonna stay all day
And throw my cares away to the ocean
She will cleanse me
She will wash my blues away

I'm gonna stay all day
And throw my cares away to the ocean

The sun's rays spread
Out over the mountain
And time melts deep
Into the ocean
Track Name: Stop to Listen
Stop to listen to the sounds around you
Stop to hear what's in front of your eyes
Lies, so many lies
Tell me
Who's really telling the truth anymore?
Why are so many unhappy?
Why are so many untrue?
Why are so many so lonely, so dirty so sad and so blue?

Why is it so hard to just get by?
Why don't we have enough time to look up at the sky?

Mystical universe above ignored
Mystery replaced with mysery
Cross the T, the Christ, the rest the rised

Mystical universe above our guest
I guessed
But you don't see me, you don't hear me
You don't understand me

Mystical universe above out guest
I guessed
But you don't see me, you don't hear me
You don't understand me
Track Name: Regenerated
Stolen Nations
Save their faces
From extinction
Been replaced with
Brand named faceless
For money greed
And things like these
Who wouldn't seem to
Buy their schemes
Yet everyone is cashing in
And we have so little left
To buy and sell
Before our organism will fall ill
And cease to exist
But this is not our fate
And the messengers
They make haste
And reveal to us this
Here we sit on such a sacred gift
We must honor her
And make these changes
We could discover her
And rearrange this
No more alienation
Community is coming
I can feel this is happening
You can hear this
Track Name: Deliver Me
I'm tired of waiting for my dreams to come true
I'm lacking motivation
It's so hard sometimes to hold this vision

I feel so disconnected from spirit
I rarely feel her presence

It's as if the whole world is blind
I'm tired of wondering why
We have so little time
There's grey clouds in the sky
I'm falling behind
Where is the sunshine?

Now don't get me wrong
I like the rain
But it's been so many days
That i've felt this way

There's little now that moves me
My spirit's growing weary
I'm losing faith

I used to be convinced of many things
I used to think that I could do anything

But the people of this world can be so cruel
They can make you feel so small

I need a teacher, I need a spirit guide
To open up my eyes, teach me to be wise
Show me the way to better days
Tell me it will be okay

Oh lord, I ask you to send me an angel
Lord, God, I pray for your guidance
Deliver me

It's so easy to be weak
To claim the victim
To find comfort in suffering

But I ain't gonna take the easy way
I still have faith
That there is a heaven
That our angel's are near

Tho I may not feel her presence
I know they're there

Oh lord, I ask you to send me an angel
Lord, God, I pray for your guidance
Deliver me
Track Name: Wishing Well
Discovering the light within
As bright as starlight

Night falls
She calls to mother moon

Too soon
To tell her wealth

A wishing well
She's wishing well
A wishing well

You must trust her being
Discovering the light within
As bright as starlight

This night transcends all strife
To mend any ill
Any sickness
Weaknesses meld to strength

Away to being

You're listening to the sea
You see clearly

Like water flowing
Going away
To the universe within
Track Name: Water Words
Heaven said
Clear your head
Been clogged up
With have's and have not

Lift her up
Can't comprehend
What's seldom said

Like hesitation's a new trend
No meditating
Been hanging with hypocrites
Talking shit

Let her go
To freedom's flow
and Ascend
to heaven's tend

Mending in a gentler state
Like the lighter side of being
I can relate

Wisdom comes in waves
Wakes us from these days
of ignorance and materialism

Consequence is not worth seeking
Consumed by wants and needs
Among many other things

Telling it like it is yes
It's all heaven's gifts

Grant us understanding
Help us see the light

Like dragonflies

Eyes wide open
Hoping to transcend
Hate and alienation

We are one nation
Under God right?

Ain't got time to be fightin' and sinnin'
Just writing with inner meaning

Hoping for the best in all that is

Track Name: Walk the Walk
I question, asking myself
"Who am I to talk and not to walk the walk?"

I want to get my hands dirty
In helping to build a new world

A better way to live today
Couldn't say that
It is okay to go on like this is bullshit..

"I am that I am, the hand of God in action. I am whatever we imagine to bleed we all bleed the same sky blue, walking the walk and knowing that I do. Charging Violet Flame into the earth aligning each rhyme with the higher purpose of the universe within, I am that I am"

Couldn't we join together now to build this world better for you and for me and everyone as if we truly were blood brothers and sisters?

Couldn't we try something new cuz this ain't workin', like I am not moved, like you're all too cool for your own good and this ain't godly.

He wanted you and me to work together to build this world better.

I am not buying it this time, I want to build it with my own hands.

Isn't that part of his plan?

Shouldn't you offer your services too?

Who are you to talk and not to walk the walk?
Track Name: Every Morning
Every morning they said to me,
"It's the story that's gonna set me free"
I couldn't stop now
I can still freestyle flowing opening up my crown
Gifting and receiving this
I'm purely perceiving this
Wish I didn't have other obligations
Gonna free up my schedule
To keep myself available
For spirit's intent is coming through
I know what I have to do
It's time
Now is the time
It's now or never
It's nothing sly or clever
Just common sense is what I can make of this
Experience has changed my life
I'm gonna make it right
Don't stop now
No I can't and how
Gonna live my life right
Concentrate my energies toward the one
Draw my strength from the sun
Sum of one in everything
I can feel this when I sing
Scheduling time to find the inner eye
Wisen up and drink from this cup
O spirit God
O father of the mother earth
Take me with you to your highest order
And allow me to return to sing Jah praises!
High in I
I in I
Keep writing its flowing going never ending
Open i am flowing
Bowing to you
Your humble servant
You deserve this dedication
I'll serve this nation
Under one God right?
Ain't got time to fight
This stress is not necessary
Just bless everything
Keeping it real
I know the deal
I's is
Just this
Heaven sent

This time is golden
I'm holding on to this experience is real
I can feel this is right on track
Gonna give back all that i have to make an impact
That's positive
Gonna lead by example
Learn from this ample time that i set aside
Dedicated to this morning ritual

Of words that i been holding onto for too long
Gonna come out in song, after song, after song

That i gotta share gonna let it go like air
Flow like water
Cease he day sun's shining
No excuses like this is divine timing

Gonna speak my truth and reap these fruits and leave the flower's fragrances
For these are the gifts from heaven sent
They sang to me sprit's set me
They spoke to me
They told me this
And now i have the faith to see it
Speak this truth
And share these tunes
For the muse's choose's music's gift
yeah, this is it
Track Name: Blessings and Praises
blessings and praises
for u and I are
reflections of god

my heart is open and
receiving of the wonderment
perceiving the divine that is within
you and I are

eternally held within
this memory of your kin
your kindness beauty softness
felt within

wanting nothing more than
to just adore you from afar
my shining star
Track Name: So Still
Do you feel that mornin’ chill?
Summer’s gone so still so still
I couldn’t want for more
Wanting nothing more
Than the present moment
Heaven’s sent
Inspiration, like Mexico
So many years ago
I can’t remember a time
Inspired by the night
Couldn’t want for more
In time traveled
Across the world
And back
I could have
Though not yet
Perhaps in time
I’ll choose more wisely
Yet, inspirations coming
Like the seasons bring
Changes of colors
and many things
Un said
In side
My head
Have you read the papers lately?
They say
That dooms upon us
Carry on then
Carry on
Like men in suits
They’ll reap your fruit
And leave you bear
With none to spare
Not a drop of water
In Niger,
For instance
For the thirsty
Only for the locusts
There they’ll bear no fruit
Children are dying!
Does any body care?
Is any body listenin’?
To the crying?
Babies are dying!
Does anybody dare?
To spare
A dime?
their time?
I’ve tried
To mind
The many
Any endless suffering
What more can I give?
To this to life
To end this strife
What more can we do?
What more can I do?
What more can you too?
Track Name: I M U R
On my mind always you are

In my dreams again you are

Let me be

You can't tho far away you are

And tomorrow I return

And nothing's changed

I know for sure

Again this game we play I M U R

In love tho far away you stay

You fear this closeness

Feeling's you'll miss

Should I go away and stay for good this time

But still I sing for you my dear

I fear this will never change

Forever my heart will ache

This sorrow will remain

I curse myself to feel this way

Much stonger I should be

Than to give you my power

And I pray you'll set me free

So many more important thoughts

My head should occupy

But you are still and frozen in my heart

I cannot lie

Forgive me now and tell me

Do you love me now or no?

Cuz i've much more important things to do

Please let me go